All because of God!!!!

As I pondered over my first ever blog today I feel like I probably sounded a little too political.  The truth is I really get  into watching the debates and learning more about the candidates.  It is so awesome to be an American and have the form of government that we enjoy.  Our founding fathers were such geniuses and I certainly believe many were guided by the hand of God as our great nation was born.  There are a ton of things recorded regarding our nations history that lead me to believe that the God of many of our founding fathers was answering prayers and giving  leaders the wisdom to make the correct moves when they had too.  When you look at everything it is very easy to see that we are the product of a sovereign God who has bestowed his favor and love upon us as a nation.  Sadly, in many ways we have lost that “God First” and “In God We Trust” focus that made us great.  Let us not forget that although America has some of the sharpest people in the world today there are other nations who aren’t so shabby either.  So why are we so blessed and some of these other nations struggling?  I already answered this above but once again if you haven’t got it yet it’s God and God alone.  Like anyone I have my favorites as too who I want in office next year but my prayer for whomever might be elected is that they would seek God and realize that we are who we are because of Him.   Psalm 33:12 below sums up what I am trying to say as good as anything. 

  12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD,
       the people he chose for his inheritance.

Let’s pray that God would supernaturally work in our land and in these most important elections that are coming up.



Happy New Year!!

Ok, after procrastinating for quite a while I was finally inspired by my wife and her blog at I am making my first post tonight Jan. 7th 2008.  My passions are primarily my faith, politics (especially right now), sports, and the ministry.  Other things might pop up from time to time but I will probably roam in these areas for the most part.   I trust 2008 is off to a good start for you and that you have some goals in place for 08 that will develop you into a better person.  So what do you think about the Primaries thus far? 

Let me go ahead and let the cat out of the bag and say that I am very happy with the overall performance of Mike Huckabee.  As with anyone I don’t agree with him on everything (little soft on immigration and waterboarding) but overall I personally feel He would make an excellent President.  He has been labeled as a surprise by many but as I have observed him through the years I always  felt he was a gifted politician and one who could possibly move the country forward in a very positive way if given the opportunity.  I’ll say one more thing here on this for now and will surely post more later, but  it truly excites me to see a Christian use the platform he has been given to stand up for the sanctity of life and be supportive of Biblical principles.  As George washington said “It is impossible to rightly govern apart from God and the Bible”.  I truly believe Huckabee would serve as a man of integrity and stand up for the truth.  Check out some of his comments thus far on these clips. 

Until next time!